How alcohol effects the muscles?

How alcohol effects the muscles?

Alcohol and growth hormone

Alcohol effect on reducing production growth hormone, responsible for growth and development of bone cells and muscle tissues. As a result, you don’t get the right return for yourself after resistance training.

Growth hormone in general, is produced in the initial phase of sleep. As alcohol has a negative impact on sleep rhythms, the growth hormone production decreases by 70%.

Alcohol and testosterone

Testosterone - the hormone that is responsible for muscle growth. Men have more muscule  in comparison to women therefore it is easier for men to build muscle mass, because initialy the male body has more testosterone, than the female body.

What happens to testosterone with consumption of alcohol? Alcohol reduces concentration of testosterone in the body, as a result - the degradation of the muscle tissue.

Alcohol and muscle recovery after exercise

Since alcohol is a toxin the the organism (body) spend forces to remove toxins from the body, rather than restoring after physical training. As a result, it affects not only the growth of muscle mass, but also on your activity in the gym in the next few days.

Alcohol and dehydration

Alcohol leads to dehydration of the body. Dehydration causes weakness, increased hunger, reduces the normal functioning of muscle cells.   

Alcohol and glycogen synthesis

Muscle have a reserve of glycogen, which is energy source for muscle work. When alcohol is ingested in the body, it doesn’t give committed glycogen synthesis, since the body forces all its energy on the excretion of toxins.

If alcohol got in your body after training, you can be considered that training passed for nothing. If you plan training the next day after drinking alcohol, then you will work inefficiently, because the body will feel weak.

Alcohol and aerobic exercise

If in the case of power exercises you may not feel the effects of alcohol on your body, behold with aerobic exercise, which give the load on the cardiovascular system, better think twice, before to have few drinks. Alcohol gives extra load on the heart and vessels, concerning can increase blood pressure and cardiac rhythm may become more frequent.

Alcohol and fat cells

Alcohol drinks are very high in calories, so they affect weight gain. Imagine what would happen if all this combine with a pizza, chips and so on… It's just a blow to the figure.

Keep in mind about these factors, if you seriously started training.